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Why is it still so important that I designate my taxes to the Catholic School Board?

Roman Catholic property owners and tenants in this province can choose to support, protect and preserve Catholic education for future generations.

Under the current funding model, the size of a school board’s assessment base no longer determines the amount of the board’s funding. However, your support still serves several important functions.
  • One of 2 joint owners or tenants of your home and both of you are Roman Catholic
  • You must be a separate school supporter in order to vote for separate school trustees in your municipal elections.
  • Your support is a public record of the breadth of support for Catholic Schools.
  • It supports boards’ population projections, which affect funding for new pupil places
  • Should authority to tax be returned to local school boards in the future, a complete assessment base would be critical.
School support data banks are one of the indicators the government can use to determine overall support for, and strength of, the publicly funded Catholic school system in Ontario. The more supporters registered the better.

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