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Core French
All students in the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board study French as a Second Language from Grade One to Grade Nine with the option of continuing through to Grade 12. The Core French programme goes beyond the minimum requirements of the Ministry of Education for instruction in this area to ensure that the richness of second language is fully utilized for the benefit of all students as we prepare them to thrive in our global society.

Extended French
Secondary schools may grant a certificate in Extended French when students have successfully completed a total of seven courses in French (four Extended French language courses and minimum of three courses in other subjects taught in French).

French Immersion
Entry in Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1. Students in this program continue to take Religion, Mathematics and Language Arts in English as well as other subjects. At least 50% of their time is spent studying other subjects in French. Secondary schools may grant a certificate in French Immersion when students have successfully completed a total of ten courses in French (including four French Immersion language courses).

International Baccalaureate
The IB Programme is a rigorous, internationally recognized, academic programme for university bound students. This highly respected programme has earned a reputation for rigorous standardized assessment; its students share an academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding and exposure to a variety of points of view.


Outdoor Education
Students of all ages experience the natural environment throughout the seasons as both their classroom and their subject matter in our board. Two outdoor education centers in unique and pristine settings play host to students and teacher who explore their abilities in canoeing, hiking, snow shoeing and many other activities while the curriculum truly comes alive in the natural world.

Adult Education

Lego Robotics
The Robotics Challenge is a unique multi-year educational project aimed at students in grades four to twelve. It will provide opportunities to learn about science, technology, math and design through the development, programming and testing of autonomous robotic devices. This program is currently running at St. Paul Secondary School and Holy Cross Secondary School. To learn more visit http://challenge.enoreo.on.ca/