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Bid Opportunities

Terms and Conditions

  1. The prices quoted on the P.O. shall be the maximum cost liability incurred by the Board.
  2. If order is not acceptable and unit prices are in error notify the Purchasing Services Department within 5 days of receipt of order.
  3. Invoices - the applicable taxes, GST / PST, must be shown separately and all applicable licence numbers must be stated on the invoice.
  4. The Board is not responsible for goods supplied without a Purchase Order.
  5. Make no substitutes or change without authority from the Purchasing Services Department.
  6. Mail all invoices to: Accounts Payable Department, at address below.
  7. Electrical equipment - The Vendor must provide two (2) sets of electrical schematics, shop
    drawings and operating manuals at N/C, if requested.
  8. All prices are paid in Canadian Funds unless otherwise stated.
  9. The Vendor must comply with all applicable legislation relating to the sale of goods and shall
    provide all data sheets or documents necessary to meet compliance at N/C (eg. WHMIS).
  10. No agreement or other understanding in anyway modifying the conditions of this contract
    will be binding on the Purchaser unless made in writing and signed by the Board's authorized
  11. No allowance will be made for packing, cartage or crating unless stated herein.
  12. The Board's count, weight or measure will be accepted as final and conclusive on all
    shipments not accompanied by a packing slip.
  13. All materials subject to the Board's inspection and approval. If inspection is made at
    destination any materials found defective are to be returned at vendors expense in both
    directions. Unless otherwise specially agreed all materials, equipment and workmanship, sold and supplied hereunder is guaranteed for a period of one year from date of shipment or installation and all defective parts will be replaced at vendor's expense provided such defective parts have been given normal and proper usage.
  14. Vendor shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, ordinances and rules, give all
    stipulations and representations required by the same and procure all necessary permits and
    licenses at his expense.
  15. In accepting this order Vendor agrees that Vendor is an independent Contractor for all intents
    and purposes and that Vendor will protect and save harmless the Purchaser from any claims for damage arising from injury to Vendor's Employees from any cause whatsoever while in and about Purchaser's property and Vendor further agrees to carry Workplace Safety Insurance necessary under Provincial or Federal Statutes. The Vendor also agrees that none of the individuals for whom compensation for services is paid by the Vendor shall be deemed to be employed by the Purchaser for the purpose of any tax or contribution levied by Federal or Provincial or Local Law and the Vendor accepts exclusive liability for any payroll taxes or contributions imposed by Federal or Local Law covering Vendor's Agents or Employees.
  16. In the event of the insolvency of the Vendor, its successors or assigns, or any assignment by
    Vendor for the Benefit of its Creditors, the Board shall have the right to immediately cancel this order with no penalty to the Board.
  17. All goods delivered are subject to inspection and test within a reasonable time after delivery
    at purchaser's premises, and if unsatisfactory may be returned to the supplier at the supplier's expense notwithstanding intermediate payment by the purchaser.
  18. If the order refers to plans or specifications the same shall be deemed to be incorporated in
    and be part of this order and of the contract, and any plans, blueprints, patterns, etc., furnished by the purchaser to the supplier shall not be published or disclosed by the supplier to any other person or corporation and shall be returned to the purchaser upon completion of the order.
  19. Purchaser reserves the right to cancel all or any part of this order upon which deliveries have
    been delayed 10 days after specified delivery date at no penalty to the purchaser.
  20. All credit memos, refunds, cheques etc., are to be made payable to the Board only.
  21. All litigation resulting from this P.O. shall be handled within Ontario legal jurisdiction.
  22. All references on this document to "the Board" shall refer to the Algonquin and Lakeshore
    Catholic District School Board.
  23. All goods received are subject to concealed damage with a five day grace period for