School Profile

PASS Logo 15 Tripp Blvd.
Trenton, ON  K8V 6M2
Telephone:  613-394-4843
Fax:  613-394-2684

Email: mailto:mflhppass@slcdsb.on.ca

Website: http://www.stpaultrenton.ca/
Year: 2012 - 2013
Grades: 9 - 12
Hours of Instruction: 8:15 a.m. - 2:24 p.m.
School Community Information
Zt. Paul Catholic Secondary School Principal: Lisa Gorrell

Wendy Hay

Attendance Office:
Student Services:
Chaplain: Father Tim Harrison
Head Office Administrator: Christine Leone
613-394-4843 Ext. 221
613-394-4843 Ext. 228
Board Information
Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board
Excellence in Catholic Education
151 Dairy Avenue, Napanee, Ontario, K7R 4B2

Automated Attendant: 613-354-6257
Receptionist: 613-354-2255
E-mail: info@alcdsb.on.ca

Director of Education: Jody DiRocco

Superintendent of School Effectiveness:
  Teresa Kennedy
Tel:  613-354-2255 Ext. 449
Fax: 613-354-0549

Tel:  613-354-2255 Ext. 484
Fax: 613-354-9822
School Identifiers
Patron Saint: Saint Paul
Motto: “unus estis in christo” One in Christ
Official Tartan: Blue Plaid
School Colours: Red, White and Blue
Team Name: Falcons
School Theme: Scholarship, Discipleship and Stewardship
School Mission Statement
About Our School
Since the opening of St. Paul, our school has been noted for its unique school spirit that supports and fosters a strong sense of community and purpose. The supportive environment allows our students to successfully meet the significant academic and social demands and challenges which are presented to them. St. Paul Catholic Secondary School exists with the unique responsibility of educating the whole person. Students are called to be part of the Church’s mission in the world and are invited to come to know Jesus Christ and the Church, the people of God. Operating within Catholic Tradition, the school assists its students in developing skills, knowledge and values which enable them to play a positive, critical and effective role in society.

Our reputation stands as a generous, proactive Catholic school community which seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of current students, as well as the communities of our region and beyond. We believe that with the right support, encouragement and opportunities students will take their rightful place as leaders in our society.

  • Chapel, Chaplaincy Office, Chaplain and Full-time Pastoral Care Worker
  • Guidance Area with Full-time Guidance Staff
  • Special Education and Resource Room with Full-time Special Education Teaching Staff
  • Full-time Child and Youth Worker
  • Student Success Room with Full-time Teaching Staff
  • Library Resource Centre with Full-time Library Resource Staff
  • Developmental Centre with Full-time Lifeskills Programming, Teaching Staff and Educational Assistants
  • Gymnasium
  • Weight Room and Fitness Centre
  • 3 Computer Labs including Photography and Videography Equipment
  • 3 Science Labs
  • Visual Arts Studio
  • Stage
  • Instrumental Music and Media Arts with Digital Audio Recording
  • Core and Extended French Programming
  • Cooperative Education Program with Full-time Teaching Staff
  • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs
  • School to College to Work Initiatives
  • Specialist High Skills Major in Transportation
Our students also have access to off-site programming in the following areas:
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Hairstyling and Esthetics
  • Hospitality and Tourism
Student Enrolment:t Enrolment: 470
Number of Staff:
Catholic School Council
Chairperson: Shelly Murphy
How We Live Our Catholic Faith
Our Belief
Our goal is to provide quality Catholic education in a Christian environment of common understanding and mutual respect. We are dedicated to assist our students:
  • to come to now Christ
  • to deepen their commitment to the people of God and their mission to the world
  • to develop a positive self-image
  • to develop a sense of personal and communal responsibility and discipline
  • to pursue excellence in curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • to develop resourcefulness, creativity, and independent learning habits
  • to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that will lead to success in the world of work and further educational responsibilities

Demonstrating our Faith
St. Paul Catholic Secondary School demonstrates its commitment to the community by:

  • Providing Christmas hampers to the needy in our community
  • Participating in school-wide canned food drive and walk to the local community centre
  • Participating in the Relay For Life
  • Building a home in Trenton with Habitat for Humanity

Our students help one another through their:

  • our peer helper group, leadership & coaching groups

St. Paul Students Changing the World

  • Important Social Justice Issues are championed with tremendous success empowering students to recognize their ability to change the world. Recent accomplishments include:
    • Helping to build homes in Belleville, Picton and Raleigh, North Carolina (Habitat for Humanity)
    • Dominican Republic exposure tour
    • 24 hr famine for water projects in the third world
    • Tsunami relief
    • Terry Fox Run
Academic Programs
Grades 9 – 12: Religion and Family Life Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, French, Geography, History, Family Studies, Business, Arts, and Technological Studies.

French Second Language: Core and Extended

The aim of the Extended French program is to develop students’ French-language knowledge and skills and to provide them with an understanding and appreciation of Francophone culture in Canada and around the world.

St. Paul maintains a strong academic tradition with very high graduation rates. We are pleased to support our graduates as they leave us by awarding $25 000. In scholarships annually. Pathways to all destinations after high school are developed for students individually through the assistance of our guidance department whether students are planning to enter a university program, the workplace, a community college or an apprenticeship.

Cooperative Education opportunities abound for students with many established relationships within our local business and public sector communities providing placement opportunities for students to gain first hand work experience. Technology programs at St. Paul are dynamic course options. We are currently offering:
  • Integrated Technology, Communication Technology, transportation Technology, construction technology, cosmetology and Personal Services, Integrated Technology Support Associate Certification Program, Interdisciplinary studies: physics and computer engineering (3 credit package).
  • The Specialist High Skills Major program in Transportation Technology is offered to students wanting to explore a career in the transportation sector.
  • The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program offers students an opportunity to begin their apprenticeship training while in high school.
  • Dual Credit programs allow students to enroll in a course at a local community college while still enrolled at a secondary school in order to obtain a college credit and a high school credit at the same time.
Co-Curriculum Program
Academic Pursuits:
Mathletes, Model UN General Assembly, Queen’s Enrichment Programs

Student Leadership:
External Committee, St. Paul Intramural Council Executive (SPICE), Little N.B.A., Peer Mediators, Peer Mentoring, Peer Tutoring, Student Council

Artistic Pursuits:
Choir, Concert Band, Coffee Houses, Drama and Musical productions, Human Canvas, Ink Society, Jazz Band, Radio Club, Yearbook Club

“Falcon Pride” has seen forty-three championships in 19 years! Our philosophy is one of whole school participation and fitness for life. In September 2005, we were pleased to open a ‘state-of-the-art’ fitness and training facility. We offer an intramural program at lunch time and Little NBA after school and in the evenings. Our competitive sports program also focuses on teams and individual events which may be developed for life-long enjoyment. Current teams include: swimming, rugby, basketball, volleyball, badminton, wrestling, track and field, cross country, curling, hockey, soccer, and golf.

Clubs and Activities:
Numerous programs, clubs and extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to explore areas of interest to them and get involved in the life of the school at a deeper level. Clubs and programs such as, the Just Falcons, Peer Mentors, the Radio Club, the Travel Club, the Yearbook Club, the Literacy Club, ICE (intramural council executive), Student Council, Crime Stoppers and numerous others are excellent opportunities for students to develop their talents and skills.

Student Council Activities:
School Dances, Spirit Days, Wacky Wednesdays, Sport Event Buy-Outs, Charity Fundraisers, Guest Speakers and Bands are just some of the activities organized each year by our student leaders to keep the energy level high in our school community
Assessing Student Progress
The results from the EQAO Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics for the applied and academic courses are displayed at the top of the page in graphs. Students who achieved level 3 or 4 met provincial expectations.

EQAO Grade 9 Applied Math results
Gr. 9 Applied Math

EQAO Grade 9 Academic Math results
PASS Grade 9 Academic Math results

The results from the EQAO Grade 10 Ontario School Literacy Test (OSSLT) are presented next. Successful completion of the OSSLT is a graduation requirement.

EQAO Results – Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test: Percentage of students who passed the test
  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
School 88% 84% 86% 85% 84%
Province 84% 83% 82% 82% 83%