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Cooperative Education

"Cooperative education is a planned learning experience, for which credits are earned, that integrates theory and learning experiences at a workplace to enable students to apply and refine the knowledge and skills acquired in a related curriculum course or a locally developed course."

Regular Cooperative Education:
4 week, co-op program (one credit) will be offered in both the east and west, if there is sufficient enrolment. Students are required to arrange their own placement opportunities prior to the start of summer school. Pre-employment training will be completed through the online learning platform D2L. For the regular co-op program, registration will be done through the OELC at the school guidance department. The following documents will be handed out to students at registration:
Specialized co-op program:
For students who meet the criteria for the target group, including students in Specialist High Skills Major, OYAP or Alternative Education programs, Summer Jobs for Youth will be offered in west through Youthab and in the east through KEYS. Specialized co-op student registration is paper-based only and must be sent to Loyola Kingston; a SJFY application form must also be completed and submitted to Youthab or Keys.

The following documents are to be handed out to students at registration:
For additional information on this program please contact Jennifer Wilson at Loyola, School of Adult and Continuing Education
(613) 544-3361 ext 233