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SWAC (School-Within-A-College)

SWAC (School-Within-A-College): June 29 – July 27, 2015; 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Program Focus
The SWAC is a four-week summer program at Loyalist College for students meeting the criteria of the primary target group for dual credit courses. The program consists of a dual credit opportunity combined with a credit improvement opportunity; students may earn two secondary credits and one college credit.

Dual Credit:
Students take one of four dual credit courses available; classes generally run two full days per week; total of approximately 8 days and 44 hours.
  • Baking – 8 seats for ALCDSB
  • Nails – 9 seats
  • TV/New Media (Lights, Camera, Action) – 8 seats
  • Automotive (Basic Skills) – 9 seats
Credit improvement:
Students upgrade one previously attempted course (40% minimum grade); students generally work on this course three days per week (the days they are not in their dual credit course); total of 10 days and 55 hours.

Application and Selection Process
  • Through schools’ Credit Recovery and Student Success teams
  • Through referral processes of Adult and Continuing Education programs
  • Through established interview processes and the completion of the required registration

For additional information on this program please contact Jennifer Wilson at Loyola, School of Adult and Continuing Education
(613) 544-3361 ext 233